The 2024
World's Toughest Row
Atlantic Challenge

One boat, three paramedics, three thousand miles, over 1.5 million oar strokes. The World's Toughest Row (Atlantic) brings together teams from all walks of life united by the same objective: to take on the unique challenge of crossing an ocean in a rowing boat.

Rowing from La Gomera (28°N, 17°W) to Antigua (17°N, 62°W), rowers will burn more than five thousand calories per day. The race offers different experiences to all involved. The challenge creates strong friendships and competitiveness gives way to the camaraderie that is required to complete the challenge.

A lived experience.

Working on frontline emergency ambulances over the last four years has been challenging. The first wave of COVID-19 brought trepidation of the unknown effects of the virus. The ensuing marathon-like waves brought fatigue and NHS-wide strain as we recovered from the pandemic. Now, we are all faced with the difficulties of the cost of living crisis.

Our colleagues and service users have really taken the toll. With paramedic burnout at an all-time high and the most vulnerable in society becoming sicker, we decided to take action.

We have chosen to raise money for three amazing charities which are at the forefront of improving patient care within communities. Funds raised will be split equally between the chosen charities.

Tom Dowdy

When enjoying a dram with friends, it's all too easy to start talking of adventure. Row the Atlantic? Why not! A keen climber, mountain biker, and hiker, Tom is keen to test his metal away from dry land and support the team's charities in doing so.

Ken Bordt

In the event of sinking or pirate boarding: this was all Ken's idea. Having scuba-dived around the world (including the waters of south-east Asia and Europe), Ken's sense of adventure and love for the ocean brings the team to this challenge.

Ethan Chapman

Trapped in a student flat through the pandemic, Ethan yearned for a return to adventure. The idea of the open ocean sounded idyllic, except for being trapped on a boat with Tom and Ken. But by that point the t-shirts were already printed!